Preliminary Course

Students undertake a study of Dance as an artform. There is an equal emphasis on the components of Performance, Composition and Appreciation in the study of Dance. Students studying Dance bring with them a wide range of prior dance experience. Physical training and preparation of the body is fundamental and of paramount importance to the course and informs all three components of the course. Components to be completed are:

  • Performance (40%)
  • Composition (20%)
  • Appreciation (20%)
  • Additional (20%)(to be allocated by te teacher to suit the specific circumstances/context of the class).

HSC Course

Students continue common study in the three course components of Performance, Composition and Appreciation and also undertake an in-depth study of dance in one of the Major Study components, either Performance, Composition, Appreciation or Dance and Technology

  • Core (60%) Performance 20%, Composition 20%, Appreciation 20%
  • Major Study (40%) Performance or Composition or Appreciation or Dance and Technology.

Particular Course Requirements

The interrelation of the course components is a major feature in the study of dance as an artform and is emphasised throughout both courses.

The published Course Prescriptions, which may change in total or in part every three years, indicate works and artists to be studied in the HSC Course in Core Appreciation and Major Study Appreciation.


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