English Studies

Course Description

In the Preliminary English (Studies) course, students will develop their proficiency in English to enhance their personal, social and vocational lives through interacting with a variety of texts that includes Prose fiction, film and multimedia, as well as Australian and workplace texts. In the HSC English (Studies) course, students further strengthen their knowledge by exploring ideas and values in texts in order to become flexible and critical thinkers. The course encourages students to extend their skills through individual, collaborative and reflective learning.

Main Topics Covered

Preliminary Course – This course has ONE mandatory module and two elective modules

The objectives are that students will respond to and analyse various forms of texts; develops skills in reading, listening and viewing and in writing, speaking and representing; develop language skills for a range of purposes, audiences and contexts; and develops skills in planning and working independently and collaboratively.

  • Mandatory Module – Achieving through English: English and the world of education, careers and community. This is mandatory in the Preliminary course.
  • Module 1 – The Big Screen – English in film making.
  • Module 2 – Telling us all about it – English and the media.

HSC Course – This course has ONE mandatory module and three elective modules

  • Mandatory Module – We are Australians – English in citizenship, community and cultural identity. This is mandatory in the HSC course.
  • Module 1 – Part of the Family – English and Family Life
  • Module 2 – Discovery and Investigation – English and the Sciences
  • Module 3 – Playing the Game – English in Sport

Particular Course Requirements

In the Preliminary and HSC English Studies Course students are required to:

  • study Australian and other texts
  • explore a range of types of texts drawn from; drama; poetry; nonfiction; film, media, multimedia texts
  • integrate the modes of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing and representing; and
  • engage in the study of language and text.
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