Food Technology

Course Description

The Preliminary course will develop knowledge and understanding about food nutrients and diets for optimum nutrition, the functional properties of food, safe preparation, presentation and storage of food, sensory characteristics of food, the influences on food availability and factors affecting food selection. Practical skills in planning, preparing and presenting food are integrated throughout the content areas.

The HSC course involves the study of: sectors, aspects, policies and legislations of the Australian Food Industry; production, processing, preserving, packaging, storage and distribution of food; factors impacting, reasons, types, steps and marketing of food product development; nutrition incorporating diet and health in Australia and influences on nutritional status. Practical experiences in developing, preparing, experimenting and presenting food are integrated throughout the course.

Main Topics Covered

Preliminary Course

  • Food Availability and Selection (30%)
  • Food Quality (40%)
  • Nutrition (30%)

HSC Course

  • The Australian Food Industry (25%)
  • Food Manufacture (25%)
  • Food Product Development(25%)
  • Contemporary Nutrition Issues (25%)

Particular Course Requirements

There is no prerequisite study for the 2 unit Preliminary course. Completion of the 2 unit Preliminary course is a prerequisite to the study of the 2 unit HSC course. In order to meet the course requirements, students study food availability and selection, food quality, nutrition, the Australian food industry, food manufacture, food product development and contemporary nutrition issues.

It is mandatory that students undertake practical activities. Such experiential learning activities are specified in the ‘learn to’ section of each strand.


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