French Beginners

Course Description

French Beginners is a two year course for students beginning French in Stage 6. It focuses on three objectives: interacting, understanding texts and producing texts. Students will develop, extend and refine their communication skills in French in contexts defined by a variety of topics. Students will apply their knowledge and understanding of French language and culture to interpret and respond to French texts and incorporate this knowledge and understanding in the creation and presentation of their own texts in French.

Students develop skills in speaking and writing in French as well as reading and listening to different French texts. Students examine the following topics:- family, home and neighbourhood; friends, leisure and pastimes, peoples; places and communities; education and work; travel, holidays and tourism;  future plans and aspirations.

Students should have had no more than 100 hours’ study of the language at the secondary level (or the equivalent) or little or no previous knowledge of the language.

Learning French:-

  • develops in students the knowledge, understanding and skills for successful participation in the 21st century.
  • develops in students the ability to move successfully across and within cultures.
  • enhances creativity and develops more refined and sophisticated skills in analysis, negotiation and problem-solving.
  • enhances students’ literacy skills
  • develops effective skills in interacting, and understanding and producing texts.
  • strengthens in students their command of their first language.
  • will help students appreciate and experience the richness and diversity of the art, cuisine, film and music of French-speaking communities.
  • provides students with opportunities for future employment and experience, both domestically and internationally, in areas such as public relations, commerce, hospitality, education, marketing, international relations, media and tourism.

French is

  • one of the major languages in the world, used in parts of Europe, Canada, North America, Africa, the Middle East, the West Indies, the Indian Ocean region and the South Pacific region close to Australia, namely New Caledonia, Tahiti and Vanuatu.
  • the language of diplomacy.
  • an official language in a large number of international organisations including the United Nations Organisation, the European Union, the South Pacific Commission, the Organisation for African Unity and the Olympic Games.
  • used in international conferences and by many overseas aid organisations. France and the South Pacific are among the leading destinations for Australian travellers.

Australia has strong connections with France. A strong relationship exists through trade and investment, communication technologies, education, scientific and technological research and cultural exchange.


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