Maths Extension 2 (HSC)

1 unit for the HSC Board Developed Course The course is designed for students with a special interest in mathematics who have shown that they possess special aptitude for the subject.

Course Description

The course offers a suitable preparation for study of mathematics at tertiary level, as well as a deeper and more extensive treatment of certain topics than is offered in other mathematics courses. It represents a distinctly high level in school mathematics involving the development of considerable manipulative skill and a high degree of understanding of the fundamental ideas of algebra and calculus. These topics are treated in some depth. Thus, the course provides a sufficient basis for a wide range of useful applications of mathematics as well as an adequate foundation for the further study of the subject.

Main Topics Covered

  • Graphs
  • Complex Numbers
  • Conics
  • Integration
  • Volumes
  • Mechanics
  • Polynomials
  • Harder Mathematics Extension 1 topics

Exclusions: General Mathematics

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