Mathematics Life Skills

Course Description

The Stage 6 Mathematics Life Skills course focuses on the development of students’ ability to apply mathematics in a variety of contexts in order to enhance and encourage their participation in post-school life.

The course emphasises the application of mathematical operations to practical situations and the development of problem-solving in real-life situations. Students have the opportunity to develop their practical skills in operations and calculations with money as well as the management of their personal finances. They can develop the capacity to manage personal time and schedule activities. The course also provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in the use of measurement tools and units in a range of situations.

Study in the Stage 6 Mathematics Life Skills course should enhance students’ access to community living, further education, training and employment.

Main Topics Covered

The structure of the Mathematics Life Skills course allows teachers to provide a broad and balanced program that reflects the needs of individual students within the context of the collaborative curriculum planning process. Students may study outcomes and content selected from one or more of the following six modules:

  • Numeration
  • Operations
  • Time
  • Space
  • Money
  • Measurement.

Teachers have designed a program based on the selected syllabus outcomes and appropriate to the students’ priorities, needs and interests.

Particular Course Requirements

On entering students for the Mathematics Life Skills course, the principal is certifying that the student is eligible and the decision is the result of the collaborative curriculum planning process.


Students are assessed in relation to the selected Mathematics Life Skills outcomes and content. Students may achieve Life Skills outcomes independently or with support. Demonstration of achievement of outcomes is recorded on the Profile of Student Achievement.

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